Audio - Houston, TX - 2013/05/09

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Audio - Houston, TX - 2013/05/09

Postby ansible » Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:45 pm

So yeah, this is pretty late to be posting....apologies for that. I have selfishly listened to this many times without taking the time to post it up here. And it's been...over a year. Yeah. Sorry. /shame

Anyway, this show was at my place, and Dave had just switched to a hollow-body electric with a blue Fender cube amp in the middle of the tour. Our first floor is essentially one large room with no interior walls, so the acoustics just sounded amazing. I barely had the presence of mind to even record the show, so I missed the first two songs (Impermanent Record and something else), so Options is actually the third song he played. I just grabbed my wife's iPhone, opened Recorder, pointed the end at Dave, and hit record, so I apologize if the sound quality is not representative of how awesome the show actually was. I also didn't do anything except really cut up the tracks from the .m4a file after converting it to a .wav so the shitty Windows program would work with it, then compressed them down to 320kbps mp3s (so much conversion... -_-). If anyone wants the original file and has the hardware to master it a bit (my MacBook is 10+ years old and about to die) and make it sound better, please feel free to ask for it. Otherwise, I'm just gonna post the original .wavs and the .mp3s. There is some clipping here and there and a lot of dynamic range but I love the sound, especially turned up loud, and I feel like Dave slipped into his groove as the the show went on.

To be honest, I love this show a whole lot and I have listened to the entire thing dozens of times, until recently I was very much convinced that these were some of the best versions of these songs that I had heard him play live so far. I don't know how well that will translate on the recording if you weren't there, but well, this is all I've got. Now that I've qualified my audio inadequacy as much as possible, here we go.


2013/05/09 - Houston, TX

1) Options - 3:14
2) The Fleecing - 3:46
3) I Never Wanted You - 4:39
4) Slow and Steady Wins the Race - 4:00
5) Q&A 1 - 5:50
6) When They Really Get To Know You - 2:52
7) Hard to Be - 3:27
8) Virginia - 3:51
9) Q&A 2 - 5:44
10) Cold Beer and Cigarettes - 4:12
11) Bands With Managers - 3:57
12) Wolves at the Door - 3:32
13) Q&A 3 - 10:22
14) Strange Negotiations - 6:05

mp3s (51MB) - ...

wavs (284MB) - ...

There were a few pretty awesome moments in the show (I'll limit myself here...) -

--Hard to Be - "childbirth is painful (no shit...)"
--Slow and Steady - Dave humming through the guitar solo
--Q&A 1 - [Dave on rereleasing/remastering material] "I guess the Bazan records...I'll try to remix them, sell them to you guys again...maybe with strings it would be worth it"
--Q&A 2 - [Awkward moments at house shows] (ironically, I first met milk and SRock because I had to tell this dude to stop singing at a house show in Austin...they said, "ansible is either the douchebag singing loudly or the douchebag telling the guy singing to shut up". glad I was the second douchebag. <3 dot org.)
----[Dave thinks about Jesus's penis and Mary's vagina]
--Q&A 3 - [Douchebag gives Dave shit about not having Square to sell merch; corey fesses up to lying about restaurants to Dave on stage during Control tour]

Anyway, I had to stop talking about the songs there or I would have gone on forever. I didn't include the last 5-10 minutes of the recording after the show, but it ended as an epic show should have -

corey: "Success, man! Success."
me: "Dude. If that was not awesome, I do not know what was."
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Re: Audio - Houston, TX - 2013/05/09

Postby steelopus » Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:34 am

Thank you!

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Re: Audio - Houston, TX - 2013/05/09

Postby ansible » Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:40 pm

You are quite welcome. Glad for the opportunity to give back (even this late) when so many others have put up audio (like yourself).
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Re: Audio - Houston, TX - 2013/05/09

Postby corey » Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:28 am


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