Dallas house show, Dec. 17 2013

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Dallas house show, Dec. 17 2013

Postby username » Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:53 pm

Here is Dave playing "When They Really Get To Know You They Will Run" (seriously):

Here are some of the songs he played. It's not a full setlist (nor is it in order) because I'm going off of memory:
-The Fleecing
-Heavy Breath
-Bearing Witness
-Big Trucks
-Shit Talker
-A new jam (that I neglected to ask the name of)
-Hard To Be
-Please Baby, Please
-Cold Beer & Cigs
-In Stitches

As far as Q&A, it was mostly the usual (What are you listening to? What kind of sandwiches do you like? What tour stop do you hate?), but one guy had clearly practiced his question about 38 times, and the bottom line was: What is the next album about? Bazan basically said he can't speak to a theme until he can look at the album in retrospect. But so far the songs continue to be about examining truth and ethical problems from the perspective of the Christian tradition.

Does anyone have any questions at this point in the recap?

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