Flock of Dimes @ Mishawaka, 8/11/2017

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Flock of Dimes @ Mishawaka, 8/11/2017

Postby ansible » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:15 pm

This was a great show. I had never been to Mishawaka. Silvan Esso (?) headlined and they were ok.

Jenn sounds great. She's got her setup down. Drums / synth is often programmed and controlled, but she played a lot of the synth parts too. More often, she played bass or guitar over the drum track and synth arpeggios. She can really shred on bass, I love it. The Joke has a really great synth line that she played on bass, reminds me of her work on Shriek (like The Tower). She opened with a brand new song that sounded very much like the last track but is not recorded; she's only playing it on tour as of now, and it was great. She is so compelling to watch when she sings straight forward and plays synth off to her right with a free hand.

Did not disappoint at all. I had to be the awkward dude who talked to her before and after the show, she's touring by herself as the opener. Reminds me of early talks with Dave. I bought the vinyl and had her sign it. She did say they were getting ready to polish off the next Wye Oak album, which is just fantastic news.

I saw Flock of Dimes maybe 2-3 years ago in Houston and as good as Jenn was then, she sounds like a full production band all by herself now.
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