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vinyl col

Postby ajmiller » Wed Dec 28, 2016 12:07 pm

Cutting ties - selling my vinyl collection + ephemera

All classic PTL/Bazan LPs + 7in plus variants and stuff, LPs up to Cut Your Branches era, 7" up to the last monthly club thing. Have multiples of several 7in
Entire Jurado 7" catalog + multiples
Songs Ohia 7" catalog + LPs

There are other artists that may interest you guys, Aislers Set, Appleseed Cast, Elliot Smith, Modest Mouse, Yo La Tengo, etc etc, primarily stuff from mid 90s to around 07 in the alt rock/west coast rock (IBOPA, Mates of State) themes.

Also have Bazan/Jurado/R Thomas/AMANSET/Iron&Wine etc etc concert posters from late 90s to mid 00s, mostly silk screened prints from West Coast shows I'd attended. I might part with that Ax Wound poster from 03...

Other musical equip for sale too, digital recorders (Marantz) and things I'd used to record shows over the years (MOTU Traveler 8 pre), mics (Beyer MC930 SS) and so on.

I'm looking to get a fair price, but dont want to bust any balls either, always happy to make a deal.

This is a very casual for sale, if you want a list, find me on


If you are creative, you can add @ to the screen name I have on Facebook and you can message me that way, I most likely will not check or get your PM on this site as I lost the primary email acct associated with it.

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