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Stereo Help!

Postby AMEason52 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:03 am

So my Sony 5.1 theater system doesn't produce any audio in the left channel any more. I tried different wires, speakers and headphones. Nothing.

I have never really used the rear speakers, so I think I'd rather get a 2 speaker system, or 2.1.

I mainly use it for playing vinyl that comes from Undertow, my ipod and audio from my bluray and netflix in 2.1 audio. I live in a tiny ass apartment, so 5.1 seems like overkill.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a new system/speaker set up? I don't need audiophile grade shit, but I don't want garbgage either. Is $200-$300 a reasonable budget for something like this?

So yeah, vinyl, blu ray and HD TV stuff... That's what I do.

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Re: Stereo Help!

Postby numan_the_son » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:18 am

I think you can get a nice second hand Marantz amp for that money. They make nice stuff, it's a bit on the lower part of the high-end audio brands but it's usually good stuff for not too much money.

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