Dave comments on Blanco/Bazan Monthly tunes

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Dave comments on Blanco/Bazan Monthly tunes

Postby ansible » Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:02 pm

Taken from the email sent out earlier today --

Alright, you guys.
This is Dave.

With hindsight it’s clear that we put out the Bazan Monthly songs in a format that severely limited the number of people who might discover them. For instance, the promotional money and muscle that normally goes into the release of a full length record were never a part of the monthly series in our minds. We instead conceived of it as something special to share with my 20k social media followers. But with the way social media actually works in this very noisey marketplace the Bazan Monthly turned out to be a little more ’boutique” than we had envisioned.

At this point, we estimate that less than 10% of past Bazan listeners bought (or in many cases even know about) Bazan Monthly. Which was fine at the time because I was mostly too busy getting my groove back and frantically writing 20 new songs to notice the bigger picture. It was when I turned my attention to writing ten more new songs for the NEW “new album” that I thought, “HEY… Wait a minute. I didn’t even get to do a proper round of club touring on all these Bazan Monthly jams.” It hit me that some of my favorite work that I’ve ever done was about to be paved over with whatever ten new songs I was preparing to write and record.

The bottom line is I love these songs and the energy of these recordings and I want more people to get to hear them. But even more than that, as we were choosing the songs, adding new sonic layers, and remixing everything to put the album together and as I’ve been playing them at house shows, I realized the most exciting aspect of it all: these songs describe something about the mess of very strong feelings that are pulsing through me right now the way that Curse Your Branches did back in ’09. The “Blanco” songs are very personal and important songs to me and I need to spend the rest of this year singing them over and over again.

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