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CD and LP
[jt1072] on Jade Tree

1. Options [3:56]
2. Rapture
3. Penetration
4. Indian Summer
5. Progress
6. Magazine
7. Rehearsal
8. Second Best
9. Priests and Paramedics
10. Rejoice

additional info: 3000 pressings on clear vinyl.

Progress EP

CD and 7" LP
[ss11] on Suicide Squeeze

1. June 18, 1976
2. April 6, 2039
3. Of Up and Coming Monarchs [Radio Session]
4. Letter from a Concerned Follower [Radio Session]

additional info: 7" LP -> "comes with a kids story of childhood rock stardom dreams gone wrong with a bitter fall and some swallowed teeth. All fair game if the folks don't find out."

Winners Never Quit

CD and LP
[jt1046] on Jade Tree

1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
2. Simple Economics
3. To Protect the Family Name
4. A Mind of Her Own
5. Never Leave a Job Half Done
6. Eye on the Finish Line
7. Bad Things to Such Good People
8. Winners Never Quit

additional info:  pedro the lion:  david bazan.  all songs ©  juan the owl music and published by 2000 juan the owl.  "family name" written with chris pugmire.  engineered by blake wescott at spectre and by david bazan at control mixed by blake wescott at spectre. mastered by alan douches at west west side.  illustrations by steve rutschle.  layout by jeremy dean/national.

The Only Reason I Feel Secure

CD/12" EP
[jt1064] on Jade Tree
[mex006] on Made in Mexico

1. Criticism as Inspiration
2. I am Always the One Who Calls
3. Invention
4. Letter from a Concerned Follower
5. Be Thou My Vision

additional info:  pedro the lion on this recording was:  david bazan (guitar/vocals), joshua golden (bass), and benjamin brubaker (drums).  original title was the only reason i feel secure is that i am validated by my peers.  songs by david bazan © 1999 juan the owl music (bmi), except "be thou my vision" (traditional).  recorded at casa recording by blake wescott and david.  mastered at spectre by troy glessner.  photographs by benjamin brubaker and chris palladino.

It's Hard To Find A Friend

[jt1063] on Jade Tree
cd [mex002] on Made in Mexico

1. Of Up and Coming Monarchs [3:00]
2. The Longer I Lay Here
3. Big Trucks
4. Suspect Fled The Scene
5. Bad Diary Days
6. The Longest Winter
7. When They Really Get to Know You, They Will Run
8. Of Minor Prophets and Their Prostitute Wives
9. The Bells
10. Secret of The Easy Yoke
11. The Well
12. Promise

additional info: "of minor prophets and their prostitute wives" and "bad diary days" are both based on the book of hosea.  recorded by david bazan at the casa recording company and assisted by blake wescott, cameron elliot and jonathon ford.  the album was mastered by rick vaughn at spectre.  the music was written by david bazan and features jonathon ford on bass.  all songs are © 1998 juan the owl music (sesac).

Whole EP

CD EP/10" EP
[tn1086] on tooth and nail records

1. Nothing [3:41]
2. Fix
3. Almost There
4. Whole
5. Lullaby
6. Hymn

additional info:  the band was brian olsen, tim schiefer, nick peterson, travis smith, and david bazan. all songs by david © 1996 bumpkin music. recorded by steve wold at moon music studio, olympia wa on 10/14/96 and 10/15/96.



Helicopter 7"

7" Single
[hmr7001] on homemade recordings

1. Helicopter
2. when they really get to know you they will run (live)
3. I Am The One Who Always Calls

additional info:  limited edition of 1000!  750 black/250 red.  "helicopter" is played by david bazan and paul mumaw.  recorded by jon brotherton on 1/30/98.  w"when they really get to konw you they will run" and "i am the one who always calls" is perforemed by david bazan, josh golden, and ben brubaker.  recorded by james wilson on 4/10/99.  this recorded was recorded live for homemade recodings.  po box 1234, coquitlam, bc v3j 6 z9 canada.

Sub Pop Singles Club

7" single
[mex001] on made in mexico

1. song a
2. song b

additional info:  limited edition of 1300!  only available through the sub pop singles club.

Big Trucks 7"

7" single
[mex001] on made in mexico

1. Big Trucks
2. Diamond Ring
3. Invention

additional info:  limited edition of 1000!  songs by david bazan © juan the owl music.  photo by machine.  second guitar by nicke peterson.  snare drum by black wescott, and supervision by damien jurado and josh golden.  guitars and string bass borrwoed from damien, craig finley, and travis smith.  two track machine and other recording stuff borrowed by dan nelson, jordan and blake.  scans from the single coming soon!



Location Is Everything Vol. 1

[JT1075] on Jade Tree

16. Rapture
19. Backwoods Nation

Backwoods Nation is probably the "must have" b-side for Pedro the Lion. They often performed it live on their Control 2002 tour.

The Unaccompanied Voice: An A Capella Compilation

Released on Secretly Canadian

7. Breadwinner You

Additional info: Also contains "Dance Hall" by Damien Jurado

Pedal Faster Bicycle Rider

Release on Accident Prone

Pedro the Lion songs:
1.  letter from a concerned follower
2.  criticism as inspiration (live)

additional info:  a great compilation that features tugboat annie, sharks keep moving, sterling silver, and tons more.

The Exploitation of Sound

Released on Hero Recordings

Pedro the Lion song:  The Longer I Lay Here

additional info:  this song was recorded live at club 150 in shelby, nc.

Tooth and Nail Rock Sampler

[tnd 1091] on Tooth & Nail Records

Pedro the Lion song: Nothing

additional info: it's the same as the whole ep version.

Tooth and Nail Box Set

5-cd set
[tnd 1100] on Tooth & Nail Records

Pedro the Lion song: Promise (live)

additional info:  "promise" wasrecorded live at kcmu, and is on the fifth disc.


Side Projects

Unwed Sailor - Unwed Sailor

[mex005] on made in mexico
additional info: david bazan plays the drums and guitar in this project and features  jonathon ford (bass), kc wescott (guitar), and
melissa blosenski (violin) along with david.


Pre-Pedro the Lion

Coolidge - Coolidge

released on Radio Recordings

1. Belvin Sims
2. 6/8/5/8
3. Today
4. Chips

additional info: included david bazan (drums), damien jurado (bass/vocals), and eben haase (guitar/vocals).  this demo was just a four song demo, recorded at wiseman studios and produced by aaron sprinkle.  check out the cover.

I'm Your Biggest Fan Vol .1 [Compilation]

[tnd1046] on Tooth and Nail Records
1 song: trapped
additional info: the band featured eben haase (guitar/vocals), damien jurado (bass/vocals)and david bazan (drums)


Guest Appearences

Damien Jurado - Rehearsels For Departure

[spcd 440] on Sub Pop
additional info: david played drums on "tragedy," which is the second track on the album.

Damien Jurado - Gathered in Song EP

[mex003] on Made in Mexico

1. Chevrolet
2. Simple Hello
3. Happy Birthday John
4. East Virginia
5. To Those Who Will Burn

additional info: david plays drums and ben plays the pliers on the whole release.

Damien Jurado - Trampoline 7"

Sub Pop

1. Trampoline
2. Rollerqueen
3. Pigtails

additional info:  dave played drums on all songs.

Sherri Youngward - no more good-byes

released ?
?. Hole
additional info:  written by pedro the lion, and performed by sherri youngward with david bazan on drums.

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